SkyboardŽ Corporation is an Out-of-Home advertising company providing display networks and digital messaging media to assist advertisers in getting their message to the client. Our focus is on three complementary Advertising approaches:

Out of Home Sign Networks - using both Digital billboards and smaller more targeted outdoor displays

Retail Advertising Displays - has developed a proprietary Retail advertising display unit that leverages current technology to further refine advertising reach. The Skyboard Ad Media Merchandiser (SAMM) takes the traditional and proven in-aisle display and updates it with high definition video and wireless capabilities to create something that is far more effective for advertisers.

Wi-fi Advertising Networks -  Through our 100% owned Hotspot provider FatPort we have the ability to monetizes Wi-Fi access with both text and video ads.

Skyboard's goal is to put the advertisers message at the point where the consumer is making the purchase decision.


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