Skyboard® has operated since 1997 in the digital display and advertising industry evolving into a company whose vision is to: 

"enable advertisers to reach specific clients with a targeted message at the right time in the right place.”

Skyboard connects advertisers to eyeballs.  We network high traffic locations as advertising sites on route to the store and in the store.  Skyboard provides in-aisle retail displays with LCD video and Bluetooth messaging, street sign networks and Wi-Fi Hotspots for sponsor paid ads.



Skyboard® has grown from a Digital Sign Company where advertising sales were 50% of its business; to an Out-of-Home Advertising Company with a goal for 90% of revenues derived from providing networked advertising opportunities from three focus areas:


  • Out-of-Home Sign Networks – such as the Bell Phone Booth Network using LED backlit advertising displays

  • Wi-Fi Advertising Networks – using our FatPort Wi-Fi Hotspots to provide free internet access enabled thru paid advertising spots.

  • Retail Advertising Displays – Skyboard Ad Media Merchandiser (SAMM) – wireless in-aisle retail displays provided in food, drug, home entertainment, telecommunications, big box and other retail channels.


Our Goal


Our business model is to marry proven advertising methods with innovative technologies and approach; focusing on what already works by leveraging technology to reach the buyer where they are best influenced.




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