Wi-Fi has become standard technology for connecting to the internet and Wi-Fi hotspots can be found across the country. This technology has become even more important with the surging growth of Smart Phones.  Skyboard as the 100% owner of FatPort the largest independent provider of Wi-Fi hotspots in Western Canada is uniquely positioned to take advantage of the explosion in Wi-Fi.   


Currently FatPort has a large number of hotspots including hotels, restaurants and coffee shops in Canada and sophisticated software for managing the Wi-Fi network. High Potential Expansion targets include:

  • Retirement Homes FatPort has a pilot in three buildings of the largest retirement home building landlord in North America.

  • IT Servicing Companies FatPort is working with IT servicing companies to augment their offerings to incumbent hospitality, food & beverage, retail clients.

  • Targeted Direct Sales to hospitals, campuses and convenience stores.




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