Wi-Fi has become standard technology for connecting to the internet and Wi-Fi hotspots can be found across the country. This technology has become even more important with the surging growth of Smart Phones.  Skyboard as the 100% owner of FatPort the largest independent provider of Wi-Fi hotspots in Western Canada is uniquely positioned to take advantage of the explosion in Wi-Fi.   


Currently FatPort has a large number of hotspots including hotels, restaurants and coffee shops in Canada and sophisticated software for managing the Wi-Fi network. High Potential Expansion targets include:

  • Retirement Homes FatPort has a pilot in three buildings of the largest retirement home building landlord in North America.

  • IT Servicing Companies FatPort is working with IT servicing companies to augment their offerings to incumbent hospitality, food & beverage, retail clients.

  • Targeted Direct Sales to hospitals, campuses and convenience stores.

Hospitals have selected the option to install a Service Gateway that enables public Internet services across an existing WLAN network.  Hospital IT staff prefer this model as it leaves their existing network infrastructure intact while adding only one network element that enables the following services:

  • Captive portal with location branding
  • Customer self-provisioning and registration
  • Secure authentication 
  • Quality of service
  • Customer billing and credit card processing
  • Customer service and end user 24x7 help desk
  • Network monitoring





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